Online Apologetics- Sign Up for Second Semester

You still have one more semester to grow with Online Apol…

What is Online Apol? We are an online community to help you or your student to grow deeper in their  faith and prepare in Apologetics!

  • Are you frantically writing apologetics cards for tournaments coming soon?
  • Are you diving in to apologetics mid-season?
  • Are you looking for accountability, challenging discussion, and encouragement in NCFCA apologetics prep and competition?
  • Do you know someone who could use Online Apol.?

It’s not too late to join Online Apologetics! We have one more semester ahead and a semester of class recordings and resources behind us! All available to members!

Every Tuesday evening 8:15-9:15 central kids (and sometimes their parents) from around the country gather together online to experience Online Apol.-  a community of students growing, studying God’s word, learning to defend what they believe. NCFCA Alumni, college graduate, Rachel Bechtel, leads the group. Rachel states, “We have had an amazing semester so far- learning and growing together. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for 2017.” Joining along side Rachel weekly is Alumni, college ambassadors, who competed in Apol., giving back to a younger generation about something they feel passionate about! Each week a student is encouraged to share a card to receive feedback. Encouragement is given, as well as tips on how to prepare and practice.

“Thank you so much for Online Apol. It has been a great opportunity for my child. I am so thankful for the personal accountability, and emphasis on growth, rather than the competition.” ~ parent

“I am so grateful for my Online Apol. friends. I now feel I am prepared to write my cards with confidence.” ~student

“I appreciate the teaching the most about Online Apol. Thank you so much for organizing this! It has helped me in card writing and in general knowledge.” ~ student

Online Apol. is only $25 for the year. Although you would be signing up mid-year, you still have access to all of our recorded meetings… Including a visit from Chap Bettis- pastor and author of “Fearless Apologetics.”

Still not convinced… Here is what our Apologetics Ambassadors have to say about Apologetics…

Myles McLean- “Apologetics challenged me to know how to deal with the tough questions. I still don’t always have the right answer, but it taught me how to express what I do know in an honest, genuine manner. Being okay with not knowing every little detail of the Christian faith, and instead focusing on the big truths and trusting the Holy Spirit to move within the hearts of those who you come into contact with.”

Joel Erickson- “Don’t be daunted by the seemingly insurmountable 105 questions. Approach the category with an “I-can-do-all-things-through-Christ-who-gives-me-strength” mentality.  Focus on preparing for Apologetics as a way to enrich your relationship with God and teach some judges about His grandeur.”

Stefanie Klaves- “Growing up in a Christian home, I thought I “knew” God and Christian fundamentals. After engaging in a few conversations with Buddhists and Atheist friends, I realized that I couldn’t adequately articulate why I believed what I believed, why the Bible is more reliable than other holy books, or why the Christian faith is preferable to their religious beliefs.”

The group will take a break this week, but will start up again in Jan. and go through April. We would love to have you join us! To sign up click here.