NEW! More Videos Added!

Lasting Impact! is super excited to announce we now have MORE videos added to our Video Gallery!

AJ Neumann

1. What kind of videos do you have on your site?

We try to put videos on our site that students, parents, and coaches will learn from. We also provide comments so you can specifically see what it is we feel you can glean from the video. Presently, we have over 20 videos on our site… More coming soon!

2. Why do you only allow members access?

Some of our friends, who have granted us access/permission to their videos, would prefer not to put them on YouTube. However, they have blessed us by allowing us to put them on our secure site. Having access to the Video Gallery is one of the benefits of being a member of Lasting Impact. We have already spent the time and energy providing you with some amazing videos that you don’t have to search the web for.

3. Why do you charge for membership to your videos?

Unfortunately, everything comes with a cost. After we are are given a video,  it has to go through a process in order to get it on the website. This process takes time and money. We clean up each and every video, so it is a higher quality (we won’t put a blurry video on our site). We also edit our videos (the editing software costs money) some have to be flipped, some needs to have the time shaved off the beginning or end. This saves you, the viewer valuable time. Also, it takes a vast amount of storage to put videos on our site. Storage also costs money.

4. How do I get my video on your site?

We are always looking for more videos.  For more info: Contact: