Lasting Impact! Online Speech Club and Classes Filling Up!

Wow! We are blown away by the response to the Lasting Impact! Online Speech Club, as well as Online Apologetics and Impromptu! Our Online Tuesday Speech Club is FULL! Therefore we created another day and time – Thursday mornings 8:00 am CT. We want to make sure students and families who want to participate in a club setting CAN. You better act quick and sign up now, we don’t anticipate opening another class.

Sign up for Online Speech Club HERE.

We still have a few spots left for both Online Apol and Impromptu Groups. Our Lasting Impact! Team can’t wait to get started. If you have been thinking about it… I encourage you to sign up now!

Sign up for Online Apologetics HERE.

Sign up for Online Impromptu HERE.

Here are some of the questions that maybe you have about joining…

How much work will Online Speech Club be?

My goal is to get your student ready… tournament ready, by the end of the semester. How’s much work the students put into it, is up to you! Are there assignments- yes! Will they be participating in the various types of speech offered in competition- yes! My hope is that this is where they will find their inspiration for what God will be putting on their heart for the next season.

Are your classes/club only for beginners?

Absolutely not! All of our classes are for any one.. parents, coaches, and families included. We often have a variety of students. We hope to challenge the advanced and encourage the beginner.

What if I can’t make a session?

We record our sessions, so you can still get access to it.

Do I need anything technically, in order to participate?

We use an online forum called, Zoom. It works on any device. You need decent Wifi… worst case scenario you can call in, or just use the audio.

My student is very shy, will they have to present?

We try to make this as gentle as possible. We have never had someone not participate. Our groups become like family. The students are encouraging to one another. We also have Lasting Impact! ambassadors, who are also leaders, full of experience to cheer your students on.

My family won’t be participating at tournaments or with a league, is that ok?

Yes! We have had many students who didn’t participate in Apologetics at a tournament, but were part of our group. Our goal is kingdom building, not necessarily winning tournaments. We like for students to find opportunities to grow… wherever that might be.

What if my student needs extra coaching?

Our first priority is our students. We are always happy to set up a coaching call/session at our membership price.

We can’t join your online groups because of other commitments, what is the best way to to find out about Lasting Impact! Workshops?

The best way to keep up with everything from Lasting Impact! is to be sure you have “subscribed” to our site. You can subscribe by going to the right hand side of the home page, and giving us your email. Then, all of our posts will be sent directly to your email. Technically, you don’t even have to be a member to subscribe to our blog!

Another way to keep up with us, is to “like” our Facebook page. You will see what articles we post, as well as be able to join in on giveaways and the random question, etc.

Do you record your Workshops?

If you can’t make a Workshop, we do try to record them, and will put them on our site for your ability to view, or share with your club. Recorded Workshops/Videos are available in the SHOP. Clubs have permission to use these video recordings too! Video recordings are $5.

What Video Recordings of your Workshops do you have?

We are so excited to start this journey with you and your family! Thank you for considering Lasting Impact!