Online Clubs

We are so excited to meet the needs of families who are not in an area that offers a speech club! Through the power of technology our online clubs will meet weekly in the comfort of your own home… or wherever you happen to be!

Online Speech

Speech Coach, Heather Neumann, will lead students/families through a fun-filled journey on the basics of Speech- about different speech events, how to choose a topic, as well as delivery. Students will be held accountable, stretched, and encouraged. They will be prepared to compete for their speech season. There will be assignments using Lasting Impact! articles. Hard copies of Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 and 2 will be available at a discount for club members, if you choose.  We are excited to have guest speakers, and there will be expectations, presentations, and feedback.  Parents will be able to give your student credit for the course. To sign up for Online Speech CLICK HERE

Also offered…

Online Apologetics

Advanced Online Apol

Online LD

Online TP

Be sure to sign up now to start the speech season off with a bang! Space will be limited. Check out all the online options HERE

  • Fall Semester
  • Various class times
  • Non-members would need to become members before enrolling in Lasting Impact Speech Online Club. Members receive discounts on club prices. You may become members by going here



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