Your Speech and Debate Season Does Not Have To Be Over

With the Speech and Debate seasons canceled, it is understandable that there are a variety of feelings. There are also a variety of people who are dealing with the ramifications of season ending.

Those Who Have Moved On… There are going to be some students that are now looking toward their future. There are a lot of seniors that fall into this category. They no longer need to research, make briefs, edit speeches, etc. This is not the way they envisioned the end of their end of their speech and debate careers. I have seen much disappointment, but I have also seen poise, grace, and determination for what the Lord has in store for them next. For those who have moved on, remember, just because this season has ended, your journey is just beginning! High School Speech and Debate is one drop in your bucket.

Those Who Still Want to Compete… For many competitors, they are longing for more. The thought of throwing in the towel or moving on, when it is only April does not seem acceptable. Lasting Impact! is excited to offer ideas of ways to continue to grow your skills!

What’s Next? Just because the leagues aren’t offering tournament opportunities, doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to grow your skills and continue to enhance your skills. Lasting Impact! has been connecting students, parents, coaches, and clubs for almost four years. Whether you look to us, to make us a part of your journey or find places to grow your skills- the point is to continue to grow!

Online Tournaments – These opportunities are popping up! Lasting Impact! is excited to announce we are developing our own!! I know one of the primary reasons for tournaments is to be together, the sense of community. Lasting Impact! Tournaments will be no different! I told myself if this can’t look like a tournament, I am not interested. Therefore, that is what we aim to create! We will be running a small prototype Debate Tournament in April with others to follow. This will not just stop at Debate Tournaments, this will make way for Speech Tournaments, as well. Perhaps, one day Apologetics Tournaments for students all over the country? We are excited for what the Lord is doing. This will not only answer the call for this season, but for our online camps, practice tournaments, as well as next season. These online tournaments will offer new experiences. It’s an exciting time! More info. coming soon!

Online Classes – Through the years we have provided many online classes. We will be rolling out a Spring, Summer, and Fall schedule.

Online Workshops – Coming in April, all our Workshops will be FREE! Schedule coming out soon! Workshops such as…
– Intro to Foreign Policy
– Building Your Club
– Is LD or TP Right for Me?
– Using Humor

Online Clubs – Our second semester clubs are almost over. It has been a fabulous year! Over 100 students were a part of Lasting Impact! Clubs. Some students joined because they wanted a community to grow with, their area didn’t have a Speech or Debate Club. Some students used Lasting Impact! as a supplement. Whatever the case might be, you are welcome! Enrollment in Fall Clubs are just around the corner.

Online Camps – Dates are getting set. We are planning a full summer!! Please reach out to us if you are looking for your club to host camp, whether it be in person or online.

Share Your Speeches – Just because you don’t have a tournament to compete in, doesn’t mean you can’t share your speech! Find ways to bless others! Lasting Impact! is always looking for more speeches to put in their video gallery! Contact us, if you have a speech you want to share!

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