Wednesday Workshops are Tackling Apologetics and College with Kaitlyn Butts

Two more opportunities this week to learn from a seasoned pro! Kaitlyn Butts is excited to talk about getting the most out of Speech and Debate by competing in Apologetics, as well as how to use the skills you are learning to advance your college career and beyond. These online workshops will be recorded through our online forum called Zoom, however there is no guarantee they will make it into our Recorded Workshops. So, be sure to sign up! Recordings will be sent to the email registered and remember- Workshops are only $5-$10 for members! Sign up NOW! Or keep reading to see what Kaitlyn has to say…

Speaking about Scripture in Apologetics
6:00 – 7:30 CST

​Some of the more daunting apologetics topics to prepare for are those that relate to the inspiration, authenticity, and reliability of the Bible. How do you provide statistics, historical context, theological depth, and a response to critics while demonstrating your passion for God’s word? Instead of being intimidated by the preparation work for these topics, I invite you to dive right in and launch your prep with this workshop.

​This workshop will first look at the role Scripture should play in apologetics. You’ll be encouraged to develop a deeper knowledge of God’s word and passion for speaking about Scripture by making it the foundation of all your preparation. We’ll discuss key Scripture passages you might want to memorize on different topics and talk about meditating on and praying through Scripture.

The second portion and bulk of this workshop will be an introduction and/or refresher to answering Scripture-related apologetics topics. We’ll be talking about the demands of these topics and how to approach preparation. You’ll be reminded of what makes the Bible so unique, the place it holds in the world of ancient documents, and how it stands up to historical criticism. We’ll be talking about the different ways the Bible is being attacked today and how to respond to critics. You’ll also gather some historical context and specific numbers to use in Scripture-related apologetics topics.

This workshop is designed to offer practical tips for preparation, immediately applicable information for content, and encouragement for life. Most importantly, this workshop is intended to bolster your confidence in the reliability and power of God’s word and excite you to study it and speak about it.

Utilizing Speech and Debate Skills in Your College Search, Essays, and Interviews
8:00 – 9:00 CST

If you’ve competed in speech and debate or made your children compete in speech and debate, you ultimately got involved because you wanted to grow. You knew those speech and debate skills would carry into the next stage of life, but if your high school days will soon come to an end or your student will soon graduate, you’re facing an entirely new set of questions related to college. In this workshop, we’ll be practically tackling the entire college question from the specific perspective of speech and debate students. Topics I hope to address include:

• Making your communication skills stand out on a transcript/resume
• How speech and debate might shape your college search process
• Questions to ask the admissions office and faculty during your college search
• Graciously and confidently incorporating your experiences into application essays
• Preparing for and succeeding in scholarship interviews
• Communicating the impact of competing in speech and debate without feeling tacky or cliché

I didn’t find my college until nearly halfway through my senior year, and once I did, my speech and debate skills aided me in every step of the process. As a student who received a full-ride scholarship award to the private Christian liberal arts school of my choice and has now been employed for two years in the admissions office, I love addressing these topics. This workshop will be very interactive and I’m happy to talk about any related topics, so bring all your questions. I hope to see you there!

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