Using Your Summer for Growth in Speech and Debate

Are you ready to start thinking about how to prepare during the summer? As I always say… Speech and Debate is all year long!! You are probably thinking… are you kidding me? When do we get a break? Well, I’m not saying you have to have all your speeches or cases written in July, but this is the perfect time for growth and exploration! Here are three ways to make the most of your summer!

  1. Camps! This is where rejuvenation can begin! Ideas can cultivate! Whether it’s a Speech or Debate Camp (or both), this is where the magic happens! Lasting Impact! will be holding Camps all over the country. If there isn’t one near you, talk to us about hosting one. There are also colleges or other organizations that will have a camp in the summer, specifically geared toward leadership. The cool thing about camp, is that students are excited to be there, and they don’t even realize all the growth that is taking place. Going to a camp, isn’t required, but it can push you and your student to start thinking and really get excited for the upcoming season. For the complete list of Lasting Impact! Camps CLICK HERE.
  2. Libraries. I probably visit my library more in the summer than any other season. I love seeing what is new, checking out all the sections to see what I may have missed during the year. Each section can hold a gold mind of opportunities- from interp ideas in the kid section to platform ideas in the self help area. If you haven’t fully explored your library- check it out!
  3. Online Summer Intensive. Huh? What? You haven’t heard? Lasting Impact! is putting on their very own two day Summer Prep Extravaganza! For only $25 (per family/membership price) you can get all the scoop from your own home! Sessions will include something for students- How to Use Your Summer, something for parents- How to Support Your Child, something for Debaters- Resolution Analysis, something for Coaches- How to Start a Club, and so much more! We will have a panel joining us from all over the country helping you to make the most of your summer! For more information and to sign up now CLICK HERE.

Remember, the Summer will go quickly, but the more you make of it, as far as Speech and Debate goes, can lighten the load during the season. We hope to see you soon! You Got This!