T’was the Night Before Our First Tournament…

My dear friend, Prasanta Anamulu, wrote a version of this for Regionals one year. I think we can all relate…

Twas the Night Before Our First Tournament

Twas the night before our first tournament
And all through the house
Not a creature was sleeping–
With laptops open and clicking of mouse

Evidence was investigated
Suit-coats pressed with care
Printers, humming with briefs
churning out everywhere!

We’re packing our meals
We’re all out of paper and ink
Our washers are still running
And parents are on the brink
(of… excitement. Yes. That’s it.)

Debate boxes are crammed
Speech books are packed
Menus are planned, and our
minivans are stacked
(full of luggage and coolers. And debate boxes.)

“Am I topical, inherent,
significant, solvent?
I’ll find the logical fallacy
in that argument!”

Finally all competitors
Are tucked snugly in their beds
With visions of killer speeches
dancing in their heads.

Each of these students is precious
(And some can talk really fast!)
We’re humble and thankful
and have an absolute blast!

We love these tournaments
They are stressful, but fun
Three days go by quickly
All too soon, it’ll be over and done.

“Thank you for judging. Thank you for timing.”
Their ready for the journey
with speeches, and debate boxes…

On to the first tourney!

Good luck to those competing! We are lifting you and your families up!

~Lasting Impact!