Online Summer Classes Start Next Week – Last Call

Have you seen Lasting Impact’s summer line up of online classes? (Check them out here– ). We have a plethora of options for your students age 10-college bound to explore! All of our classes take place in the comfort of your home, by experienced coaches, teachers, and educators. The classes meet weekly. Questions you may be wondering….

How do online classes work?

We meet through Zoom. It’s a virtual classroom setting. We ask students to leave their video on to create connections.

Can students really connect online?

Yes! We have been teaching online for numerous years! We have experience drawing out even the shyest of kids. Although students may be from all over the country (even the world). They usually don’t want the class to end.

Will there be individual coaching?

You bet. We keep our student/coach ratio small to ensure our students needs are being met!

Classes include …

Fundamentals of LD with Michael Tant – This course will be about breaking down to fundamentals in a way that allows you to simply understand and articulate theory in a way that applies to cases and helps you win rounds. For all league and levels.

All About Interp with Heather Neumann – Learn all the tricks from Heather’s arsenal of how she has coached numerous champions through the process of Interpretive Speech.

Intermediate LD with Joel Erickson – Three weeks of leveling up your LD skills.

Parli Debate with Luke Litz – Whether you are a beginner or advanced learning Parli will help you GROW!

Mars Hill /Biblical Worldview with Isabelle Clausen – Use the summer to uncover the importance of connecting Jesus’s light to a broken world through the power of words, audience connection, and compelling stories.

College Prep – Three separate opportunities to learn more about the college application process, resumes, applications, as well as interviews.

Platform Basics with Heather Neumann – Heather breaks so the process she has used for hundreds of students, as well as Ted Talk speakers.

Order in the Court with Julie Romeo – An interactive approach to law, order, and fun! Students ages 10-14 engage in critical thinking skills, as well as interpreting the roles of a courtroom drama through fairy tales.

Again, for a complete list and full description, click HERE.

Don’t just take our word for it… Here is what others had to say…

“My daughter loved the Biblical Thematic Class. I was pretty clueless going in and now I feel confident on how to help her do one next year. This class was so great!” – Christy, parent

“I can’t believe I gave my first Apologetics speech. Annie helped me break down all of the pieces and doing it with my class made me feel much more ready to tackle the season.” – Ben, student

“These online classes have been just what my students needed. Thank you for offering them. Not only are they growing, they are building their community.” – Alyson, parent

Remember, class size is limited. More classes and camps will be added through the summer! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to our blog to get the latest information. We will have our fall line up announcements in June! Some classes and clubs are already posted! We hope you decide to explore the possibilities with Lasting Impact! Please be sure to comment if you have taken a class with us, and what your experience was. Or contact us, if you would like to see us offer a class –