Online Apologetics Starts in Less than 3 Weeks- space limited!

Lasting Impact! is gearing up for another great year of living in the word through Online Apologetics. You do not need to be a competitor of Speech and Debate to get a better understanding of the Christian Faith. You don’t have to walk that road alone. Each year we have students, along with their families join us in the journey. Through the power of technology we have people across the nation joining us every Tuesday evening starting Sept. 12 from 8:00-9:00 CT.

When I asked Online Apol. Leader, Rachel Bechtel, what can Online Apol. do for students? She replied, “Online Apololegics opens the door to not only to great apologetics resources, but also to great apologetics discussions and feedback. Online Apol. will challenge you personally in your walk with Christ, equip you to effectively communicate in competition or out of competition , and give you the tools to powerfully persuade in your day to day conversations.  For me, Online Apol. has encouraged me significantly in my study of Scriptures… and they are more valuable than “fine gold” (Psalm 19:10).!! Talking about God’s life answers with others who also passionately follow Him is so incredible! Discussing and learning together in online forem has helped me answer some of the biggest questions about my faith – like, why does God allow us to sin and yet still hold us accountable? Why do bad things happen to good people?”

If you want to be part of this season’s Online Apol. group, click here.