Online Apologetics – Growing Together – by: Rachel Bechtel

We hear all the time that one of the speech events that most alumni competitors wish they would have done whether they competed in it or not, is Apologetics! Matthew 18:20 says, ” When two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.” Learning and growing in Apologetics is so much bigger then a speech competititon. We are looking forward to another great year of seeking God’s Truth together!

Our goal in Online Apologetics is to…

– Discuss and dig into the life-transforming answers God’s Word provides.
– Expose you to a variety of Apologetics resources, introduce you to a variety of passionate Apologetics speakers, and encourage you with challenging discussion and weekly application.
– Equip you to powerfully, gently, and clearly defend the foundational doctrines of Christianity.
– Give you the opportunity to practice and receive feedback on your Apologetics speeches.

Our normal Tuesday evening schedule looks something like this:                  (central time zone)
8:00-8:05 Intros and prayer
8:05-8:10 Discuss the week’s challenge
8:10-8:45 Guest speaker lecture time
8:45-9:00 Discussion and student speech with feedback
End in prayer

We begin Online Apologetics NEXT WEEK on Tuesday, September 12th.

Each week we will hear from a guest speaker (pastors, alumni apologetics ambassadors, youth ministers, etc.) on one of the Apologetics questions/statements. Through out the year we will have between 25-30 meetings, therefore we will not be able to cover every single competition question/statement, however we will hear from our guest speakers on a broad majority of the questions, often times we will discuss how different verses can be used to defend multiple questions/statements.

Questions you may have…

1. Do you have to compete in Speech in order to be in Online Apol?

Absolutley not. Our purpose is to grow in the Lord and our faith. You do not need to be a competitor in a speech and debate league to participate in Online Apol.

2. What if I miss a session?

We meet through an online forem called Zoom. We record every session so you won’t have to miss out.

3. Can I use this as a class for my child’s transcript?

Yes, please let the leaders know, so they can help you assess.

4. Will participants have to give a speech?

All participants will have the opportunity to speak, whether it’s trying to give a prepared speech or a mock prompt. Again, our hope is to guide them through the thought process and analysis of the foundation of our faith.

5. Can my brother, sister, or family participate with me?

Yes. We have had families join in. The cost of the class is for the family.

6. How do I join?

Here is the link.

7. What have participants said about Online Apol?

Here is what some of our members have said…

“When I first began to compete, I knew I was passionate about sharing my faith but doubted my ability to truly understand and actually compete in Apologetics. Attaching myself to an online Apol club was one of the best decisions I made that year. This club, led by both competitors and alumni I highly respect, encouraged me to find answers in the Scriptures and figure out ways to first, personalize my faith and then share it in a loving and winsome way. The growth I experienced in being a part of this online club was monumental in building a strong foundation for competition and not only that, but the encouragement I received gave me the confidence to share my faith outside of the competition room as well.”               ~Bailey Brown

“Participating in Online Apol. was crucial to my success in apologetics. Not only did it thoroughly prepare me for competition, but the wide array of wise speakers each contributed to my personal walk with Christ. I was able to pass on the encouragement and passion for apologetics that they had given to me. I would recommend this club to anyone looking to deepen their faith and knowledge of God’s Word and to share that with others. ” ~Sarah Pinckard

Whether you are novice or an advanced competitor of speech… Or not a competitor of speech at all. We cordially invite you to a journey of Apologetics together. Andrew Cullen, recent Moody graduate and Online Apologetics leader said this, “Online Apol. provides a Christ-focused forum for students to discuss theological topics in a safe environment as they develop a firm foundation for their faith.”