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The Lasting Impact! Spring Quarter is right around the corner… why not get a jump start on next season? Join Lasting Impact! and these awesome instructors as they dig deeper into the elements of communication. Spring Quarter begins the week of April 20, and goes for five weeks. Sign up for any of these classes HERE. Members receive $15 off each class! Membership is only $35 for a fiscal year. Now is the time to begin your membership! Summer Online Camps are just around the corner! Be sure you SUBSCRIBE to our blog to get the latest emails, deals, discounts, and to be a part of an online community.

Spring Quarter Classes

Interpretive Speech with Kristi Eskelund and Heather Neumann

WHEN: April 28, 29, 30, 2020
12:00 – 2:00 CT

Join Heather and Kristi TOGETHER as they explore the world of Interp. Learn what it takes to put together and perform an awesome Interpretive Speech – Open, Dramatic, Humorous, Biblical, and Duo. The information students gather here will propel them into world of Interp for years to come!

COST: $60 members/$75 nonmembers

Biblical Thematic with Heather Neumann

WHEN: Wednesdays (starting Apr 22), 9:00-10:00am CT

Learn the art of Biblical Thematic. Thinking about your theme, the elements of interp, as well as narrative, and platform speaking. Students will have a speech ready to go, and will practice performing. Even if they don’t use the piece they created next season they will know the steps they need to take to develop a great Biblical Thematic.

COST: $50 members/$65 nonmembers

Fractured Fairy Tale Camp with Julie Romeo

WHEN: Thursdays (starting Apr 23), 10:00-11:00am CT

Julie Romeo (Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development summer faculty) is offering her fun, highly interactive enrichment course for ages 10-14…

ORDER IN THE COURT; The Law Through Fairy Tale Trials

Explore the moral dilemmas at the core of classic fairy tales through law, literature, and theater. Is Jack the Giantkiller guilty of first degree murder? Does Rumplestiltskin deserve a pile of gold for breach of contract? An extraordinary mix of listening, speaking and writing activities prepares you to take on the roles of lawyer, witness, judge and juror. Develop skills in oral argument, moral reasoning, and conflict resolution as you become part of the final jury deliberation for each case.

COST: $60 members/$75 nonmembers

Foundations of Apologetics with Annie Rogers

WHEN: Tuesday Evenings (starting Apr 21), 4:00-5:00pm CT

Over the five weeks, we will discuss the different approaches to Apologetics, and then go over four topics that serve as the bedrock for apol: the Trinity, the person and nature of Jesus Christ, Sin, and Biblical
criticism. These seminars will go over a variety of approaches to
understanding these topics using historical and systematic theology,
and, more importantly, will give students of all ages a clear and
simple starting point for research and preparation.

Annie is about to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies, and received her competency certification in Biblical Hebrew last December. She is excited to share the treasures she has learned with her students!

COST: $60 members/$75 nonmembers

Foundations of Debate with Annie Rogers

WHEN: Monday Evenings (starting Apr 20), 5:00-6:00pm CT

Want to participate in debate, but not sure where to start? Annie
Rogers is offering a 5 week introductory course on the foundations of
debate. Over the course of five weeks, Annie will go over basic
argumentation structure, how to analyze and understand different types
of motions, and offer an overview of the three different types of
debate – Team Policy, Lincoln Douglas, and Parli. If you or your student feels intimidated by debate, this is the course for you!

COST: $60 members/$75 nonmembers

Writing like Churchill with Tink Heinsoln

WHEN: Thursdays (starting Apr 23), 5:00-6:30pm CT

Students will need to have access to information through online search tools. Parents will need to help them access quality information that students can use for the content of their research. Students will also need a one subject notebook/composition book. They will keep all of their notes, research, vocabulary, and writing in one place. Classes will be recorded for coaching purposes but not distributed to the public.

Winston Churchill was not an excellent student in his young school boy years. He preferred to play with toys and only do those enjoyable activities he found pleasant…reasonable for a 7 year old being sent to boarding school. Despite his disposition against education he became a well spoken statesman, leading the people to live with courage as war ravaged the world.

This class is meant to embolden students to explore the idea that they are leaders in training and to practice the art of rhetoric by studying orations by Churchill. The learning culminates with a written and performed 7-10 minute speech after 5 weeks. “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

COST: $60 members/$75 nonmembers

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