New Service!! Script Assessment

It is that time in the season where you feel like you have looked at your script a million times. You have done all the revisions you can do. Where can your Speech possibly go from here? Are there any additional changes that can be done? Is this what a perfect Speech looks like? I have an answer! Let us look at your script! The Lasting Impact! Team is full of ideas, they have fresh perspective, and are excited to work with you.

What is the process? Simply Contact Us. Let us know you have a script you want us to review. Someone will contact you shortly. You can decide which coach you would like to work with, or one will be assigned to you depending on your needs and desires. After you submit your speech, and a coach has had time to assess (approx. 24-48 hours), you will receive a personal call (the call should take between 30-45 minutes) and give feedback, ideas, and an evaluation of your Speech. The rest is up to you!

How much does this cost? Only $20 members/$25 non members

Note: This service is provided with the intent to provide feedback on content. Although minor editing may be done, the purpose is the feedback on actual Speech. Also, please note- this is not a “script submission” check.