Need a MidSeason Boost?

Have you been to a tournament or two and are feeling like you aren’t quite prepared? Don’t fret, you aren’t alone! Most teams have an aff case they are comfortable with by this point, but often going neg can feel daunting. Luckily, the interconnectedness of this year’s resolution means that with a collection of general briefs, you can feel prepared to debate against cases you haven’t even heard of before!

To supplement and spur on your research, the Lasting Impact team has released a Booster – collection of three general briefs and one neg brief covering key issues affecting many if not most of this year’s cases…

The first general brief covers enforcement. Do you know how the EU governmental control over member states differs from that of the US federal government over states? Do you understand the EU’s legal framework for keeping member states in line? These questions and issues surrounding the EU’s lack of strong control has become a commonly debated topic. The general brief is aimed at helping you discuss these topics in round with solid evidence to back your points.

Second, a brief on brain drain provides evidence for a key disadvantage applicable to many cases, particularly blue card cases. Do you understand what the brain drain concept is and how this type of emmigration from developing countries harms nations and people? Tailored for negative teams, this brief provides background information, examples, and scientific analysis of the impacts of this disadvantage and ways it’s exacerbated.

The third brief covers deportation. As the vast majority of cases discussing deportation will likely come from the perspective that deportation should be halted, this brief approaches the topic from the opposite position for use by the negative team. Covering aspects such as terrorism, pull factor, etc., this brief addresses the various times and ways that deportation may sometimes be necessary.

Last but not least, a bonus negative brief addresses the case of banning golden visas/passports. This brief both gives direct refutation to one of the more common cases this year, and provides a general line of argumentation that can be used against a plethora of other cases, further expanding your arsenal of information.

In all, the new Lasting Impact TP Midseason Booster aims to better prepare teams for competing as a negative team, as well as provide further research for a deeper understanding of broad concepts that affect EU immigration policy as a whole. This was written by actual competitors who have been submerged in the EU since summer. Collaboratively they have spent hundreds of hours in research and actually debating this resolution. Lasting Impact! is all about coming alongside you and your students. Add it to your arsenal today and get a boost into the rest of the season!

There are 86 cards of evidence in this Booster… but that’s not all! Those who purchase it will get 2 Bonus briefs in March! It’s only $10 for Lasting Impact! members/$20 for nonmembers. Click HERE to purchase.

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