Lasting Impact! Reflection on 2017… And Looking Ahead…

So many things to be thankful for this past year… 2017… Our first full year of Lasting Impact! We feel like we accomplished so much in just one little year!! Yet, we have so much more to do! We feel blessed and honored to come along side the many families, coaches, and clubs helping to make an impact in the Speech and Debate community. Here are just a few of the highlights from 2017…

The mission of Lasting Impact! is to empower students, parents, clubs, and coaches, through their speech and debate journey, so I’d like to start by highlighting YOU… You make this all possible!

The Students. How amazing it was to see the growth in the students we worked with in 2017. We work with students from all over the country, from beginners to advanced. Some went from shy and apprehensive to confident, others went from not wanting to compete to jumping in. Regardless, of the success- students are finding their voice and making an impact and to God be the Glory they are bringing us, Lasting Impact!, along with them in the journey!

The Parents. I love when parents want to learn along side of their student. I have many parents sit in on coaching sessions with their student or come to workshops. It is often the parent that starts this journey. Kudos to you, parents, who realize the value of the Art of Communication, it is time, dedication, and resources well spent.

The Clubs. It is so much work to run a club. We really applaud you for what you are doing! We hope you are taking advantage of our articles and sharing them with your clubs. Our hope is to help lighten your load. We know of many clubs, who use our syllabus as a guide, going through Lasting Impact! Vol. 1. It is through clubs that most students have their foundation.

The Coaches. Thank you, coaches, for the investment you put into the lives of your students. Whether this is your first year or just need inspiration, Lasting Impact! is blessed to be working through you! Often times, coaches are placed or put in that role. We hear from so many coaches and clubs who feel unequipped. But honestly, you lead by example… Willing to learn and lead- just like what we want students to do.

Thank you again, to all of the students, parents, clubs, and coaches from 2017. We are excited to see how 2018 will ring in with each of you. Please feel free to share with us your highlights from 2017 or what you want to accomplish in 2018. Remember – we are here for YOU! But wait- Lasting Impact! has MORE highlights from 2017… Did you know…

The Video Gallery Has Been Updated! Did you know that we have close to 50 videos on our site? From Platforms to Interps, from Tournament Finalists to National Champions! The video gallery has amazing videos to learn from! No more searching YouTube trying to find a great example… We have them here! Plus- Be sure to check out the comments to see what tips or feedback Kristi and I have to say!

Almost 200 Articles! Who knew we had so much to say?! Each article is crafted to follow the Speech and Debate year. We have over 30 categories covering information, tips, and feedback from experienced coaches, parents, alumni, and competitors.

Amazing Coaches! All of our coaches have a passion to draw out the best in who we work with! We have National Champion coaches covering all types of debate, as well as platform, limited prep, and interpretive speeches! Not only do they coach for us- they also write articles giving you their advice and feedback from their years as competitors. Check out our team of coaches, schedule a session and learn and grow from a pro.

Our First Online Workshop! In December, we held our first Online Apol. Workshop, and it was a huge success… 4 hours, over 20 participants, 2 pastors, 4 coaches, 2 alumni ambassadors! If you missed it… We do have the recording- it will be released soon! We had such an amazing time, we are excited to do more one day workshops!

Our First Vlogs! How fun was it to see Kristi and I together sharing our heart? As painful as it was for Kristi and I to watch- we hope you enjoyed them!

Online Apologetics! We have had an amazing first semester! It just seems like God keeps growing this online ministry. This is our fourth year and we are excited to see it just getting better and better. Second semester is quickly approaching… And you are welcome to join in! It meets every Tuesday night 8:00-9:00 CT. All of first semester has been recorded, so you can hop right in! We are even offering a discount if you join NOW! Click here for more details.

Workshops/Camps! If you were able to make it to one of our summer/fall camps or workshops, you know how great they are! We were in five different states reaching over 200 kids! If you can believe it, we are already starting to look at our summer schedule NOW. Contact us if your club or potential club would like to spread the word about speech and debate!


Lasting Impact! Vol.1 was a hit! Our readers wanted all of articles in one easy convenient place… On their book shelf.

The Ultimate Duo Handbook – This guide is packed with picture and valuable information and tips to get your duo on the right track! The character worksheets are included.

Character Worksheets – A detailed analysis and worksheets, a must have for any interper!

– Remember all of our resources come in an ebook versions so you can get your hands on it NOW!!

The Lasting Impact! Library – Coming Soon! We are so excited about this amazing resource coming to you in 2018. A place for PDF’s, worksheets, and more, all geared to help support Clubs and Coaches, as well as families.

We can’t wait to see what God will orchestrate in 2018! I know it’s going to be more of what’s above, but even more, because through God, all things are possible! Happy New Year! ~ From, Lasting Impact!