Lasting Impact! Pre-NITOC LD Prep Workshop with Isabelle Clausen

NITOC is such an exciting tournament for STOA competitors. Even before you start competition in the early fall, you are already dreaming about NITOC, aspiring to be the next champion in your favorite speech or debate event! As the tournament season rolls on, you strive to gain points, win titles, and perfect your speeches and cases. Why do you put so much work into this season? Because you want to do well at NITOC. For most competitors, doing well at NITOC is the ultimate goal of their season…

But do you ever feel like you’re just not prepared enough? For me, I always struggled with NITOC prep because I would work so hard all year, and then I would go to fewer and fewer tournaments in April and most of May. Even though I was on a roll in the winter and spring months, my momentum would die away by the time summer came. As I was approaching NITOC, I was getting out of touch with my speeches and cases because I wasn’t practicing enough, and because I simply lost motivation.

But I don’t want that to happen to you!

I have created a NITOC Prep Lincoln Douglas workshop just for you! I will be introducing new tactics, new responses, and new value ideas so that you will have a new spark of motivation! During those weeks where you’re not competing as much, your brain may become bored and stop thinking about new applications and responses. However, if you take my workshop, I guarantee that you will have several new ideas, applications, and responses to develop in your head to keep your motivation level high!

The workshop is on April 17th at 7:00 PM CT time! I looking forward to seeing you there!

In this workshop, I will also be giving information on an online Lincoln Douglas NITOC Prep Resource Course! In this online course, I will include briefs on numerous popular applications in this year’s resolution along with videos that explain the analysis behind each brief. I will also be including tips on voting issues, refutation, and debate theories! This Lincoln Douglas resource will be in the form of an online course that you can easily purchase on my website! Every brief and resource will be in the form of a printable PDF that you can download.

The course will be released on April 20th (one month before NITOC)! This course will cost $40, however, if you want to pre-order this course, you will receive 10% off! Click here to visit my the pre-order page and learn more about the details of the course!

Also, if you attend this workshop, you will get an extra 10% off my Lincoln Douglas Resource Course! Thus, if you attend my workshop and pre-order the course, you will be receiving 20% off your order! During the online workshop, I will share the coupon code so that you can receive this special discount! 🙂

I look forward to see you at the workshop so that we can start getting you ready for that NITOC trophy! To Register for this Online Workshop… (or one of the awesome other workshops) go here…