Last Call… Online Classes/Clubs Start This Week and Next

Ah yes! The start of a new Speech and Debate Season is upon us. The coaches at Lasting Impact! have been gearing up for this, we have been praying, and we cordially invite you along for the ride! Whether you have participated in Speech and Debate before or brand new, these classes/clubs are here to provide you with the tools for your tool box that you might need…

  1. Support. This goes with out saying. When you are a part of Lasting Impact! we got your back! We want to help and support you achieve everything YOU want to succeed. Your goals are our goals.
  2. Experience. Our coaches have years of experience both in competing and coaching. They have been involved and continue to be involved as club leaders, coaching, going to tournaments, judging, etc. We have a pulse on the Speech and Debate Community because we are involved in it.
  3. Motivation. We know what it takes to work hard and we will be there with you every step of they way.
  4. Accountability. We all know that doing something on your own can be difficult. You will never feel alone with your Lasting Impact! Team. In fact, when you are part of an Online Club, your support system goes beyond your region or local community.
  5. Encouragement. Our encouragement goes beyond competition. This is a life changing activity and we take our roles seriously. We are more than coaches and a club, we become like family.

Kaitlyn Butts, our Online Apologetics Coach has this to add, “Every individual needs support and encouragement during their Speech and Debate journey. Lasting Impact’s clubs and coaching opportunities are designed to provide you with just that in an uplifting and personalized setting. By investing in Lasting Impact!, you’re investing in a community that will help you grow as a competitor as well as grow in character.”

Eric Meinerding, our Online TP and Moot Coach, said, “The Lasting Impact! Team knows the importance of being an excellent communicator, and the skills we are trying to instill, doesn’t just stop at high school.”

Here is what one of our past students had to say, “I have been a competitor for three years and honestly learned new things by participating in Online Speech. I would definitely recommend, even if you are like me and have a local club.” We have also heard, “Joining Online Apol. gave me the confidence and accountability I needed to succeed… not in the competition room, beyond the competition years.”

Happy students make happy parents. Darla Magness has been a member of Lasting Impact! for a couple of years. She is the co-director for her club, LAUNCH in OK. The club uses Lasting Impact! as a resource, and her family uses it, as well. “We have found Lasting Impact! to be an absolute goldmine of resources and support. From Limited Prep to Interp to Platform to Wildcard to LD/TP/MC AND both leagues to boot! We have met great families from coast to coast through Lasting Impact! and have grown in all areas of our Speech and Debate ventures. We love the accountability and practice that comes with the online clubs, and the wide variety of online workshops taught by the experienced and knowledgeable crew. Their resources are easy to put to quick use in club or at home and the blog posts are inspiring and instructional. Heather has gathered an incredible team of alumni and parents who share her giant kingdom-minded-heart for this mighty cause. We are so thankful for Heather & her team at Lasting Impact!”

Club leader and parent, Rachelle Light said, “Lasting Impact! has been an invaluable source for me in both Speech and Debate. The articles are so timely. The topics are spot on. There is so much to glean from! I highly recommend becoming a member! The benefits are endless!”

Now is the time to sign up for our Fall 2019 Clubs. Space is limited. Click HERE for more information on specific clubs. All clubs are run on Zoom, an online meeting forum and will be recorded. We can not wait to see what God has in store for this season! Remember, You Got This… cuz He’s Got You!