IT’S HERE… well sort of – Lasting Impact! Vol. 2!!

Lasting Impact! Volume Two is all new! Every article we posted in our second year is chock full of advice, tips, encouragement, information, coach and student perspectives, and more- over 200 pages! We WANT you to have this at your fingertips when you are wondering what to cover in club, or how to help your own student go the extra mile. Read it cover to cover, or browse for what you need. This is a useable resource ready for YOU to put these ideas into action.

Through out the year, members asked if they could have all our articles available, in one easy place- like on their book shelf! We compiled all our articles and put them in easy to find categories, so you can have them at your finger tips! Categories include…

Speech and Debate



Limited Prep






There are over 75 articles for students, parents, coaches, and clubs to use and implement. There are awesome pictures to be inspired by! This book would not possible with out the love and support of so many people!

Kristi says, “We don’t propose to lay out a curriculum or a “how to” book. We propose to share the stepping stones Heather and I, along with the help of so many, found along the way. We hope these articles inform and inspire you as you learn and grow on your speech journey.”

This product is available for pre-sales only. Purchases made prior to 6/15/2018 will be delivered to purchaser at the NCFCA National Championship. For purchasers who are not attending the championship, the product will be shipped June 30, 2018.

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