It’s February… It’s EARLY!

We all know Speech and Debate is a long road! It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Or for those who know me, I love my football analogies… Speech and Debate is like a football season! If anyone would have told you it would be a Bengals vs Chiefs Super Bowl, they would think you are bonkers! The Chiefs this season were at 500 (won only half their games) multiple times this year. The two top seeded teams were taken out in the playoffs with home field advantage (sorry Titans and Packer fans). That’s why the term, “any given Sunday” is so relevant. Anything can happen!? The question is, what are you going to do with the time left?

Just because you won a tournament doesn’t mean you are on the top to stay. Or perhaps you haven’t advanced or broken in your favorite event. There are three months to continue to hone your skills… or call me crazy (which happens daily), start something NEW! Of course, you can start a new speech, or even debate in February! I have coached competitors, even National Champions that started a speech mid-season. Whatever you decide to do… DON’T GIVE UP! 

  1. Keep Growing. 
  2. Try New Things. 
  3. Seize Opportunities.

If you feel stuck- talk to a friend, parent, club leader, or even hire a coach! If you are bored, that’s on you… the possibilities are endless! If you hate your speech, find a new one! The opportunities for growth are sitting right in front of you! And remember, the art of communication is a life skill! What you put into it can last a lifetime, even if you don’t get a piece of metal or plaque that will eventually end up in a box or at the thrift store.

You Got This!