Introducing New Coaches!

Did you know that Lasting Impact! offers private coaching? We have a team of fabulous coaches who want to help your student bring their Speech to the next level. Check out more information on coaching sessions and  all our coaches here. We are pleased to introduce our newest Lasting Impact! Coaches, both with Debate experience…

Andrew Cullen


Up until the 8th grade, Andrew was terrified of public speaking. However, thanks to his mother forcing him to compete in debate, this formerly reluctant and introverted young man now eagerly jumps at the chance to speak in front of people. In fact, because of the years he spent debating and improving his communication skills, Andrew now hopes to one day be a pastor and impact many for Christ.

Throughout his five-year debate career, Andrew received numerous awards both at the regional and national level. Although he has definitely been blessed with success in the NCFCA, Andrew knows that the most important things that he has taken away from debate are professional communication and writing skills, a more mature and Christ-centered personal character, and encouraging friendships. Andrew now loves helping younger students learn about and excel in the activity that has changed his life. This goal and passion is what motivated Andrew to co-found Resolved Debate 5 years ago and motivates him now to continue to invest in the NCFCA.

Andrew graduated from the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago with a major in Biblical Studies. This summer he will be completing a youth ministry internship at a church in South Carolina.

Joel Erickson


Joel participated in NCFCA for three years, and advanced to elimination rounds at the NCFCA National Championship in multiple speeches and debate. Right now, he is pursuing a Philosophy degree at Wheaton College and hopes to attend law school. Joel loves coaching Limited Prep Speeches, Platforms, and Lincoln-Douglas debate, and seeks to help you cultivate clarity, organization, and rhetoric for effective communication.