In Person Speech and Debate Camp ALERT!!

My good friend, Griffith Vertican has been putting together a stellar Speech and Debate Camp for Stoa families for years! I have personally been a part of this event numerous times! This is one of a kind! And it something I would highly recommend…

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The top five reasons you don’t want to miss the biggest and best speech and debate camp in America!

The Story of NIHD

In Spring 2007 Griffith Vertican, won our Nation’s largest collegiate debate tournament (the NPDA) going 14-0 and finishing first out of 220+ teams. In the Fall of 2007, he began his coaching career at the high school and collegiate level, and eventually entered law school where he earned his JD and passed the California Attorney Bar Exam. During his first year of coaching, Griffith saw the need for a debate training camp catering to homeschool students. So in the summer of 2008, he launched his first camp. 

NIHD’s beginnings were humble: a small, fledging niche camp that catered to debate students in Southern California. The first year we had about 23 students total. We eventually added speech and a custom track just for the parents and coaches. Then with a lot of sweat, grit, and favor from the Lord, NIHD’s annual camp has grown into a national event that averages 150+ participants in 8 distinct tracks!

Today, we’ve combined the best of Bible camp and academic excellence into a one-of-a-kind experience that easily makes us the biggest and best high-quality one-week in-person homeschool speech and debate camp in the nation!

Last year by God’s grace, we were still able to pull off the annual NIHD 2020 camp – in person – while everyone else was going online, and we’re continuing the legacy this year at NIHD 2021.

So what makes NIHD so unique? Well, here are the top 5 quick distinctions:

1. Christ-Centered

We combine the best of Bible camp and academic excellence into a one-of-a-kind experience that is designed to benefit the whole family. We really incorporate a Biblical perspective into our lectures, and worship infuses the camp. We have our own worship team, morning devotions, evening chapels, and a spiritual theme for the week. All of these dedicated times are designed to spiritually challenge and equip students to know what they believe, why they believe it, and have the courage to share that belief with others.

“Mike and I enjoy teaching at the NIHD camp because we see the focus of this camp is on the Lord, before all else. Griffith truly has a bigger picture perspective that encourages Christian character along with excellence in speech and debate.”—Mary Winther

2. A True Family Camp

NIHD Camp is a camp designed for the whole family, offering family activities like swimming, volleyball, the hike of death, game nights in our stellar game room, and much more. Plus, we offer over eight tracks for every level and every event including a track just for the parents. This track is taught by the nation’s top coaches and engages these parents with the tools to continually improve their coaching and judging skills. Add to this, on-campus housing with amazing amenities, and what you have is a purposeful family vacation that is truly a memorable experience!

3. A Mountain Top Experience (Literally)

The third key reason NIHD is distinct is that we offer a location miles away from the ordinary, in the picturesque and inspiring San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California. Our unique location includes its own game room, pool, trails, and coffee shop in the forest atmosphere of the great outdoors. (See photos here:

4. Professional Faculty That’s Out of This World (Not Literally)

Our core curriculum is taught by professionals including Modesto Head Coaches Mike and Mary Winther, Attorney Gabe Waddel, Veritas Head Coach Eric Garcia, Theater Coach Ginger Carrier, Speech Coach Katy Whitcher, and our own Coach Griffith Vertican. Plus NIHD team members Sara Shipley and Dylan Jacobs, along with other top alumni champions like Ethan Blount, Noah Johnson, Adrian King, Savannah Winchel, Abigail Winchel, Seth Paap, Luke Popson, Lauren Romaguera, David Mangrobang, Logan Whitcher, and several others. (Our staff is 20+ see website for the full list). Although Heather Neumann won’t be able to attend this year, personally, her Lasting Impact! Team will represent!

5. Record Numbers of National Champions Trained

The fifth key distinction is that we have trained and equipped more National Champions than any other camp by far. National Champions trained at camp and taught directly by Coach Griffith include Brandon Winchel, Manoah Martin, Jeffrey Pistor, Austin Pistor, Noah Johnson, Noah Pacifici, James Slonecker, Joseph Abell, and now the 2021 NITOC Lincoln-Douglas Champion Logan Whitcher among others. 

Whether they win the national title or not, our ultimate mission is to help your students reach their highest potential academically and increase their impact for the kingdom of God. As Logan Whitcher put it, “Whether you are looking to just get started in debate, makes friends, build community, grow in Christ, or are looking to be the next national champion, NIHD is the place to go!”

Save $50 with checkout code NITOC21 when you register by. We also have limited host-housing, sibling discounts, and work trade-off scholarships. So if you need financial assistance, then contact us today, as we do our best to not turn anyone away. You can request help at

We’ve learned a lot over the past 14 years, and by God’s grace, our camp has become increasingly popular as we’ve honed its unique recipe. NIHD’s annual summer camp is the original, longest-running, most experienced camp out there, and we would love for your family to join us this summer, July 12th – 17th, back in the beautiful mountains at the Twin Peaks Christian Conference Center. To find out more, go to

P.S. If you can’t make the California camp, Coach Griffith and crew will be headed to Washington the following week for an LD/TP/Novice Student Academy — July 22 – 24 (same date/times as Stoa Academy – we will be at a separate location about 5mins away). The registration will be up by Thursday, June 17th at