Continue Growing Your Skills Over the Summer

Summer is quickly approaching. Do not let this quarantine thing stop your speech and debate progress! I know a lot of summer events have been canceled, but that doesn’t mean you should just sit on the couch a binge the next season of whatever is trending. There are a ton of things that you can do to promote growth and build your speech and debate skills. I get that students feel the need for a break, and being on Zoom can be exhausting. But there are tons of ideas to explore! First let’s go over reasons why you should make the most of your summer, then we will give you options for growth….

Why should you use the summer to continue your growth in the art of communication?

  1. Continuing Your Growth. There is a reason why professional athletes continue to train, even if it looks a little different, during their off season. Exercising different muscles goes the same for speech and debate. I don’t want you to burn out. But I want you to not pick it back up in fall and start back at square one. My kids tend to do math in the summer for this very reason. So they don’t have to relearn everything they did in the spring again in the fall. By continuing your growth throughout the summer you actually propel yourself further because of the momentum you have made.
  2. Explore Options. Growth does not need to only be in your area of expertise or what you are familiar with. Look around! There are tons of options out there to continue your growth in the art of communication. Also- by exploring options you may find other areas of enjoyment or interest. I honestly, see this all the time! People think they don’t like something, but when they actually try it, they realize this could be something they could like or do! See below for a list.
  3. Practice. Look for ways to practice your skills. Continue to do a prompt a week in Impromptu. Watch all the movies on the list for Mars Hill. Read the Economist over the summer and create a group to grow in Extemp. There are so many ways you can find to practice… ways that don’t have to seem like “work.”
  4. Competitive Edge. Ok- I’ll say it. Even if you don’t work in the summer…. someone else will! You do not want to be left behind.
  5. Forward Progress. This is a little different than continual growth. This is in something specific. Making forward progress in something means you are putting the thought process in, digging deeper. Have you ever noticed that a speech started in the middle of the season just doesn’t quite get the momentum that a speech written in the beginning of the season. The main reason for this is time! More time to explore, understand, and even relate to the topic! It’s never too early to be thinking ahead, so you can make some good forward progress!
  6. Connect. This is also something that can be easily forgotten. Connect!! Find ways to connect this summer. Create an accountability group, play games, participate in online classes, activities, or clubs. Maybe you don’t feel the need to connect, but maybe your friends need you! Even in these quarantined times, there are numerous ways to connect- and I’m not just talking about a post on Facebook or Insta! Really connecting can happen through the internet- I challenge you to give it a try!

Specifically how can you grow your speech and debate skills during the summer? Lasting Impact! has been working hard to give you all kinds of opportunities through out the summer (and fall)!

  1. Online Classes – Why not use the summer to continue to learn, grow, and connect!? Take a class that sounds interesting or something you could benefit from. Lasting Impact! is offering over a dozen classes this summer! Classes meet weekly, with students from all over the country, for ages 10 and up. Literally, something for everyone! Check out the class list HERE.
  2. Online Camps – Lasting Impact! may or may not be coming to a city near you. But we will be having BOTH Speech and Debate Camps online. We are teaming up with Skill Set Debate in June. Check it out HERE.
  3. Online Tournaments – This is really exciting!! Opportunities to compete online are popping up. Lasting Impact! has created our own automated tournament site. Practice your speeches and/or debate skills online!! Our next event is actually open for registration right NOW!! Read the recap article – Parli and Platforms Trail Blazers Tournament Or check out the tournament site –

I know this time of uncertainty can seem overwhelming. It could be easy to slip into no productivity mode. I encourage you to try new things, explore options, embrace change, and make the most out of these situations.

Here are just a few of our Summer Classes starting in June…

  • Interp 101 with Heather Neumann
  • Debate Readiness with Amy Eichholz
  • Order in the Court with Julie Romeo
  • LD Debate with Michael Tant
  • Parlimentary Debate with Luke Litz
  • Mars Hill/Biblical Worldview with Isabelle Clausen

And many more… Be sure to check out the full list – HERE. We do anticipate that classes and camps will fill up. We will continue to keep class size small to ensure we are reaching our students. If you are new to the Speech and Debate journey- hop in! We hope you join us!