Club Leader/Coach Appreciation – 50% OFF

Whether or not the speech and debate season ended for your clubs, this is the time of year that a lot of Club Leaders and Coaches tend to feel a little burned out. Lasting Impact! appreciates you and wants to help in the rejuvenation towards next year… there will be a next year, right? 😉

We must move forward with our plans – growing and building our speech and debate communities. Now more than ever, families are looking to YOU to be their guide! And now more than ever students are longing for community. Recently, Lasting Impact! rolled out our Spring Quarter Classes. They start next week! I have heard from many club leaders that the class list looks amazing!! I agree!

  • Foundations of Debate
  • Foundations of Apologetics
  • The World of Interpretion
  • Biblcal Thematic
  • Write Like Churchill

For full descriptions click HERE

I even have had a few parents and club leaders say that they would like to take the classes. Well, why not!? And how about taking the class for HALF OFF? We invite Club Leaders, Coaches, and Parents to take our Spring Quarter Classes for 50% Off. These classes can be the perfect spring board to help you feel better prepared for fall. Just used the code… 50%OFF

In addition to these classes we are inviting all Club Leaders and Coaches to come to our Spring Planning Meeting – April 27, 2020 at 1:00pm CT. Come hear from Club Leaders how they plan, how their clubs run, and plenty of time for questions! Click HERE to sign up!

We thank you for making an impact with these amazing students!