Coming Soon! LD AND TP NCFCA Source/Guidebooks

Lasting Impact! LD NCFCA Guidebook by: Hope Rawlson

Through this process, I have discovered the difficulty level of this NCresolution – it isn’t an easy one. We want you to be as prepared as possible; we want you to reach your fullest potential.

The Guidebook is to do precisely as the name implies – guide you through the year. If you have never stepped foot in a round or if you are a seasoned pro looking to dominate your senior year, this book is for you.

For beginners, it contains thorough explanations and illustrations of each element of an LD case. Additionally, multiple cases are provided that can be used as-is or made into one’s own.

For advanced debaters, we have made sure that over 90% of the evidence found is from highly credible sources, that the briefs cover every major example you need to know about, and that inside contains everything you need to jumpstart your year.

Young or old, teacher or competitor, this Guidebook is for you.

Lasting Impact! TP NCFCA Source Book by: Sarah Fox, Eli Mayfield, Logan Hickman, and Anna Macklem

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Lasting Impact’s Team Policy Sourcebook! It will include a total of 6 full cases, each case including a 1AC, negative brief, and affirmative backup. These cases will cover a broad range of EU immigration subjects likely to be discussed throughout the year such as asylum procedures, search and rescue assistance, integration, humane treatment of migrants, and more.

Not only will the Sourcebook include these full 6 cases, each averaging around 45 pages of evidence, but it will also include three full general briefs covering economic, security, and human rights issues surrounding the resolution. With these briefs, competitors can gain a better grasp of the topic and face unusual cases without being left empty-handed.

Finally, the Sourcebook will contain one broad document outlining the major areas of this year’s topic, general tips for debating EU policy, and an overview of how the rest of the book is put together.

We are confident that this resource will help students new to Policy Debate, as well as seasoned competitors. Laid out in an easily digested format, with strategy notes and explanations on each case and brief, this resource is sure to give novices a better grasp of the topic, along with a developed collection of cases and evidence in their arsenal.

We are also excited for the opportunity this resource gives advanced debaters to broaden their scope of knowledge about the resolution, the workings of the EU, and common arguments that will appear throughout the season. From brand-new to seasoned debaters, this Sourcebook is highly versatile and perfect for any experience level.

Both books should be out in August! This gives Club Leaders the extra time they may need to prepare. After all, these are not just for students. Be sure you SUBSCRIBE to our weekly emails, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram for the latest, up to date information. Do you have a product or project you would like to see Lasting Impact! tackle? What about an article you would like to read? We would love to hear from you! Be sure to check out the SHOP for our products, classes, club, and recorded workshops! This is going to be an AWESOME Speech and Debate Season!