Speech Games and Ice Breakers (eBook)


Speech Games and Ice Breakers
Creative Activities to Keep Your Students at the Top of Their Game
A downloadable PDF/eBook (80 pages).

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Every club needs ice breakers to get things started.  Every coach needs creative ideas for getting kids outside of the inhibitions that box them in and stifle their performances.  Our games book is an idea generator to help you accomplish both!  Cross-referenced by the skills they enhance, these games are designed specifically to enhance performance in a variety of speech events.

These games are broken up, to help you the user, identity with what “target skill” you want to focus on. There are games for each of the types of speech- interpretive, limited prep, and platform. Target skills include…




Limited Prep

Object Work



There are over 40 games… the variations to these games are endless!! Also included are lists and scenarios – ideas to keep your club or group on their toes for years to come! This is a must have resource for every Speech and Debate Club.

Note – This is for pre-purchase only. Delivery can be at the NCFCA National Championship, or mailed out the week of June 25, 2018.


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