Making the Most of TP Debate Prep with Eric Meinerding

Date: Wed. Sept. 19
Time: 8:00 pm CT (Approx. 1 hr.)

As the tournament season approaches you may be starting to panic at the thought of all the research you’re going to have to do between now and your first tournament. How, you may ask, will I prepare to debate cases I don’t even know of yet?

Eric will be going over a different argument and research method that will not only help you make the most of your preparation time before the tournaments start, but also give you a strategic edge against your opponents in round. While debating for Liberty University’s varsity debate team, their seasoned professional coaches taught Eric this approach to debate that has literally decades of proven success. Whether you’ve been debating for four years or this is you first season, Eric will be able to teach you how to research arguments that can apply well to every case and interact with one another to secure rounds against squirrel cases where you may not have the first idea what they are talking about.

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