Seek Him First


Seek Him First (eBook)
~ Devotions for Speech and Debate ~
A coil bound, printed book (127 pages).

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Seek Him First
~ Devotions for Speech and Debate ~
A coil bound, printed book (127 pages).

Speech and Debate is an amazing activity, there is no doubt about that! Learning how to communicate better, research, prep, navigate through nerves and relationships, push yourself to become stronger, better… and for what!? Life!?! Yes! But would you believe this Speech and Debate experience could be a whole lot sweeter, richer, fuller?? How? By seeking Him First!

The Lasting Impact! Team has been putting countless hours into this project – Seek Him First – Devotions for Speech and Debate. We are excited to share deeper thoughts of growth and encouragement. The experiences range from competitors, parents, club leaders, students, as well as National Champions. Lasting Impact! Founder, Heather Neumann states, “This is about the bigger picture! If we are only participating in Speech and Debate for the competition, then shame on us! Seek Him First is about looking for God in everything we do – including Speech and Debate!” Each devotion has an Application Page – three questions which students can ponder, offering endless possibilities to apply the devotion to their life. And although there are many Speech and Debate examples, students will be able to apply the Word of God to all of their lives. There are also additional pages for notes that can be used for journaling, note-taking, memory work, or additional scripture references.

Lasting Impact! created this resource to remind students about the bigger purpose behind Speech and Debate. Clubs and families can use it to show how God is in everything we do, including Speech and Debate.

Dive deeper into God’s Word through these 26 devotionals. Each one of them is uniquely crafted. Over a dozen authors, sharing their experiences of how God has and will continue to impact their journey of Speech and Debate.

Application Pages – Each devotion has an opportunity for deeper growth… a personal application. Each of these three questions is meant to grow and stretch the students to really think about their purpose, their walk, who they want to be, and where they want to go beyond the journey of Speech and Debate.

Note Pages  – We provided extra space for journaling, note-taking, and/or copy work.


Additional Workbook also in Shop —

$9.95 Application Workbook – The Application Workbook is a quick and easy way for Clubs to download and print just the Application and Note Pages. It is a companion to the book. Please note – the devotions or scripture references are not included in the workbook.


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