Parli Club with Griffith Vertican


Parli Club with Griffith Vertican 
Start Date: – Week after Labor Day – Sept. 14
When:  Mondays, 2:00pm CT
Cost: $100 members/$125 nonmembers

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Parli Club with Griffith Vertican 
Start Date: – Week after Labor Day – Sept. 14, 2020
When: Mondays, 2:00pm CT
Cost: $100 members/$125 nonmembers

Imagine that you are sitting in on a session of the British Parliament at work. It is a rather hectic sight. There is knocking, shouting, interrupting, and it all combines to make a very animated governmental debate. Now imagine that you took the exciting elements of the British Parliament and you put some more rules and structure into it. You would get high school Parliamentary Debate, or Parli. While this debate format is often looked upon as an advanced form of debate and can be very intimidating to learn, however not with Coach Griff! Over the 10 weeks, Griff will cover the format of parli, how to structure parli cases for fact, value, and policy resolutions, how to effectively research during prep time, how to handle motions, and how to win on opposition. Whether you are brand new to debate or you have a background in other debate formats and are wanting to expand your horizons, this club is for you!

Griffith is a licensed Attorney, the 2007 NPDA National Champion, and one of the most successful coaches in Stoa, having coached for 12+ years. He is also the director of and the 13th annual NIHD Speech and Debate Camp. He’s coached five different national champions in all three forms of debate, and both the 2018 and 2019 LD national champions were his students.

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