Character Analysis & Worksheets (eBook) (Bulk)


A downloadable PDF/eBook (7 pages) to help analyze important character traits in developing your interpretive presentation.  Bulk priced to allow for multiple copies.

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Speech Coaches Heather Neumann and Kristi Eskelund tell their students that they have to KNOW their characters before they can really succeed in their Interpretive Speeches. The ability to jump into one’s shoes doesn’t “poof” happen. Skilled Interpers and Actors have to think, and sometimes research their characters so they can accurately depict or even understand them! These worksheets are an essential tool for students to help analyze important character traits in developing their interpretive presentation.

Included in the worksheets are…

– Character Analysis – traits, physicality, etc. Things to think about when developing your characters.

– Tips for practicing

– Characteristics to go through

– Character Development

We reccommend using them for each and every character in your speech.

We have had a lot of requests for our Character Worksheets in bulk. We thank you for your honesty for wanting to make copies of the Character Worksheets in your clubs and co-ops  for all your students. Therefore we are offering this co-op and club pricing for the Character Worksheets. $9.95 for copies for the season! Use the worksheets for teaching characterization for all your students in your club, co-op, or perhaps you want to use the worksheets in your workshop.

  • Individual/Family Copy– Allows family and personal use from year to year, as a one time purchase.
  • Co-op/Club Use– As many copies as you need for the year for your club, co-op, or activity (such as theater and drama usage) for students participating in the activity offered.

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“Thank you so much for your character worksheets- they look amazing, I’m looking forward to using them with my drama troupe.” – Director

“Using Lasting Impact’s Character Worksheets allowed me to better connect with my characters in my Interp last season. I plan on using them again this year!” -Student


“I am a Speech Coach. Every year I look for a Character Worksheet for my students to have a better understanding of their characters. These worksheets are exactly what I have been looking for! They cover all of the important elements. This will be used over and over again.” -Parent Coach

“WOW – this is a super helpful document! I was familiar with the concept of character development, but this flushed everything out so thoroughly! I can see how using this could separate those performers who have done the work and those who haven’t.” -Parent